Why split-screen needs to make a comeback

Split-screen gaming is so nostalgic to many people growing up with a Playstation or Nintendo 64. Sitting with the people you play with adds an entirely new element to whatever game you’re playing. Your so called friends would either help or hinder which just adds to the fun of either buddying together with someone to beat Halo on Legendary or trying to mess each other up on a game of slayer.

Communication is also much more instantaneous with no Internet hiccups or muffled voices coming from a headset. It always worked! It feels more natural both being present and reacting to the in game chaos. Things got even more special when you start daisy chaining your Xboxs’ together for up to 16 players to take part in a match where trash talking is bound to ensue sooner or later amongst all the strategy talk.

It is a great shame this feature has been ignored in this day and age of gaming. Halo made couch based multiplayer the most enjoyable aspect of gaming however when Halo 5 released it was the first title in the series to ditch spilt-screen it is also the worst selling Halo game. Coincidence? I think not!!!

Also what is the point of game companies selling additional controllers if hardly any games support split-screen? If you wanted to play split-screen now days you need 2 T.V’s, 2 games consoles. Making buying an extra controller almost redundant.  Online gaming is incredibly profitable for Microsoft and Sony with microtransactions and annual subscription fees getting out of hand. God forbid if split-screen is ever revived it’ll be behind a pay wall. Thank god for Nintendo for forever being the champions of local multiplayer fun. The Switch has 2 controllers attached to it’s console just waiting to be snapped off and played with and has many games that support this.

Probably the biggest shame about local co-op slowly disappearing is that kids these days don’t have a particular attachment to it. They just want to play Fortnite online with friends and have never considered that maybe it would be more fun playing the game with friends near them. They never get to properly reflect on the gameplay afterwards. The fondest memories can be made playing a game with a buddy or even sometimes bitterest rivalries plating against each other. Makes you wonder maybe we’ve became more of an isolated society.     

Yet there is still hope. The press start to play option for player 2 hasn’t completely faded away. It’s still embraced by the Lego games, the Call of Duty games, EA’s Star Wars Battlefront 2 (but far less prominent than the 2005 version) and Borderlands. With a bit of luck hopefully Halo Infinite will have split-screen too.

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