Why Old Games are Still Worth Playing Today

It’s not just nostalgia that keeps us coming back to those classic games but it’s also a history lesson.  Many retro games have a significant relevancy despite the lack of graphical fidelity. Final Fantasy 7 for example has awful in game graphics where characters just resemble a blob of pixels in certain parts however the story was truly ahead of it’s time, focusing on environmental sustainability and the greed for finite energy resources. That’s not to mention the character development you yourself control. These aspects of the game prove that games over 15 years old can still resonate with people.


Prominent game mechanics is something else that some gamers may not no originated a long time ago. Some people think Gears of War is the first cover based shooter but it really was a game called Kill Switch which pre dates Gears by 2 years. It inspired the lead developer of Gears to hire the lead developer of Kill Switch. The Uncharted series was also heavily inspired by Kill Switch but no one has heard of this pioneering game.

Kill switch

They’re many other influential games that set the standard some are of course way more lauded than Kill Switch such as Halo, ditching the unrealistic feature in first person shooters of carrying every weapon you can find in this Mary Poppins like inventory and refining it to just 2 weapons and 2 grenades


It’s interesting to see what has been carried over or what has been omitted over the years. Old games back in the day were far more cryptic. For example, Morrowind provided you actual in game directions you had to remember and follow while the games successor Skyrim provides you with a marker. Modern games in general provide you with many tools to keep the player on track. Some think this just discourages exploration others think it eliminates aimlessly wondering around.  Whether you like these old school facets or not it’s still fascinating to see what really made gamers tick at the time. Some say the datedness of games make it unique others think it’s jarring and off putting but regardless you get to see what was an industry standard at the time and what was achieved with primitive technology by todays standards but was revolutionary and cutting edge back then.


Some games are in a league of their own such as Metroid Prime it’s really quite baffling how the formula of these games haven’t been replicated. It resembles a first person shooter but is defined as being a first person adventure because there is more exploration than shooting involved.


Overall it’s really great to see older games get officially released on the Playstation store or on the insanely popular NES and SNES mini. Hopefully this opens the eyes of longstanding game publishers to re-release games in their long forgotten library. Games preservation is incredibly important due to gaming evolving so quickly. The industry takes massive leaps and bounds every ten years so it’s important that younger generations see what gaming was like in the weird and wacky 90’s and the more sleek and cool 00’s

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