The 10 best things about the arcades at Southend on Sea

The Light Gun Games

Each arcade in Southend has a variety of different light gun games. Astro City has House of the dead 3 while Electric Avenue has House of the Dead 4, the most up to date version of the zombie shoot em up. Light Gun games at the arcades are superior than playing them on home consoles. They are more immersive and the tension is racked up. The cheesy storylines are also a bonus and the dialogue itself is laughably bad in House of the Dead 2 which you can play in Electric Avenue. I can’t believe someone got paid to read terrible lines such as “It’s like they’re inviting me in.” Electric Avenue’s latest light gun game is an on rails Transformers game. The cabinet is very flashy and eye-catching. Much like the films themselves there are explosions a plenty.


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