The 10 best things about the arcades at Southend on Sea

The Pac-Man Air Hockey Table

Air hockey maybe fun but Pac-Man air hockey takes it to the extreme. Pac-Man Smash turns the tried and tested game of air hockey into a frenzy with up to 4 players being able to smash that puck. The game starts as any other regular game of air hockey would but at random, dozens of mini pucks come spewing out from the middle and the game turns into pucking hell. At this point it’s just best to give up all defence and whack as many mini pucks as possible or if you’re playing 2v2 have one player on defence another on attack. Pac-Man Smash is available to play at Electric Avenue down by the seafront. Just be careful not to hit those pucks too hard. It could cause a nasty injury if they went flying off the table.


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