The 10 best things about the arcades at Southend on Sea

The Coin Machines

Any self-respecting arcade has Coin Machines or Coin Pushers. All the arcades in Southend have one with Sunspot providing you with a little tub to collect your winnings. It’s a staple of arcade culture. If you’re a gambling addict who’s trying to wean themselves off the casinos then the small change investment will give you the adrenaline without the huge money loss. For everyone else, they give you the chance to throw away all that spare change in the hopes of getting a novelty key ring or sometimes that fiver you swear is glued onto the edge to entice you to play. Don’t forget to always check for change at the bottom before and after putting your coin through the slot. Coin Machines can be fiendishly addicting though. It gives you the illusion you’ll get rich off of coppers but you never will. The sound of sweet money clatter into the gutter is what really gets people going but you’ll very rarely make a profit. So whatever you do don’t quit your jobs to become a professional coin pusher.


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