The 10 best things about the arcades at Southend on Sea

 The Pinball Machines

Video games in there most traditional form, Pinball Machines have evolved considerably since their inception in the 1930’s. From the lack of paddles playing pinball back then was a game of chance because of this simply hitting a ball into a hole was deemed to be a form of gambling. Now it blurs the line between a toy and arcade machine with its electronic sounds and graphics. Being a popular pastime in America it is interesting in seeing Pinball Machines in the U.K and if you have one in your house you were the coolest kid around. Happydrome have an Addams Family and a Dr Who Pinball machine while Astro City has a Star Trek machine. Adapting the themes of popular films and T.V shows adds a bit more depth to the concept of hitting a ball with two paddles trying to rack up points. The artwork and sound design is also fascinating in how it tries to recreate the sprit of the brand. The main draw is the sound effects and noises that ignite when you hit certain obstacles that really give you a buzz while playing. Some tips for Pinball beginners are to try and hit the ball with the tip of the paddle for extra speed and direction and do not ever flip both paddles at the same time.



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