The 10 best things about the arcades at Southend on Sea

The Retro Classics

Happidrome Arcade and Astro City provide some of the great classics of yester year. These include the dot-guzzling circle, Pac-Man and the King Kong imitator, Donkey Kong both these games were the arcade giants in the 80’s. Fully functioning machines of these classics must be rare with Pac-Man being 35 years old as of 2015. Astro City also provides a leader board for Donkey Kong with the record currently held by Paul Woodmason at 155,100. The world record for Donkey Kong however is ten times as high at 1068,000. Providing these retro games at Astro City also allows a chance for kids to attempt playing the hard as nails type gameplay and consider themselves lucky that difficulty in games has toned down recently. To those who grew up playing, a spark of nostalgia ignites as they hear the noises not heard since youth. As the crackle from the speakers and the blocky looking sprites start moving it takes the player back to a the carefree innocence of youth where your only worry was asking mum for more change.


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