The 10 best things about the arcades at Southend on Sea

Meeting new people

The biggest draw of the arcades is the experience shared with the people you’re with. Playing with your friends is fun once you’ve played a race on Sega Rally you’d probably like them more unless the defeat was bitter. If you’re billy no mates you might perhaps meet some friendly strangers with the same passion for gaming as you and hopefully not a group of chavs who are bashing the coin machines just for a couple of 10p’s. That is one slight drawback before talking about the positives. Playing with people you don’t know at the arcades is great experience especially for kids. The social environment is perhaps the reason why the arcades haven’t died out entirely. The social aspects that come from a hub for gamers to gather in the same room is being emphasised now that online gaming has taken a hold of many avid gamers who value the comforts of home over interaction. Arcades as a whole are a callback to the days of old and Southend keep this alive, which is very commendable.

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