10 N64 games that need to be on the N64 mini

The N64 ushered into a significant new era of gaming in the 90’s. The third dimension, the analogue stick and rumble all these things that are taken for granted today were introduced at the N64’s launch.It must have been truly mind blowing back then, letting players roam these expansive all be it blocky game worlds. Splitscreen gaming with your friends was also new to the seen with 4 controller ports allowing for fun yet frustrating Saturday Mario kart sessions at your friends house. The N64 redefined video games perhaps more then any other console this is why the N64 mini must come out to teach kids what gaming was like back in the 90’s as well as letting us 20/30 somethings bask in nostalgia.

1. Super Mario 64

mario 64

The game that was synonymous with the console Super Mario 64 was colourful platforming fun. Quite possibly the best platformer of all time. It’s become the standard in which all other games in the genre are compared towards. Nintendo really hit the ground running in creating this flawless platformer.

2. Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

ocarina of time

Super Mario 64 really paved the way towards true greatness for Ocarina of Time which turns 20 years old this year. It was the first game to really create an immersive lived in 3D world. It has aged remarkably well gameplay wise with many games replicating this winning formula of exploration, combat and puzzles.

3. Mario Kart 64

Mario jart

Quite possibly the best Mario Kart just from the memorable courses. Rainbow Road is like marmite for some however this one is less challenging and more lengthy with races lasting on average for 7 minutes. The fun of this game is really amped up with 3 of your friends throwing shells and banana peels at each other. This was also the first Mario Kart to introduce that pesky Blue Shell.

4. Super Smash Bros

super smash bros

Playing it side by side with any of it’s successors N64 Smash is very primitive however this game grew so much from this initial kernel of an idea into something never anticipated. Its humble beginnings can be traced back here you still have to smash players out of an arena and it’s still good old multiplayer fun but this game is more an intriguing history lesson. The games that have came out since have really built upon this game exponentially.

5. Star Fox 64


Another game that controls flawlessly by todays standards. Modern day flying games should always reference Star Fox’s gameplay. It’s arcadey style gameplay is what makes it fun to come back too. Barrel rolling is insanely satisfying and the pew pew noises of the lasers will be permanently burned into your brain until the day you die.

6. F-Zero X


The kickass soundtrack, the insane speeds this is Nintendo really trying to make a game for cool 90’s kids. It was also tough aimed towards teenagers more so than Nintendos usual games. F-zero is very much Mario Kart with a rocket up its arse.

7. Paper Mario

paper mario

This game needs to be on the N64 mini just because of how rare the original copy is going for around £100 on eBay. Paper Mario came out late in the N64’s lifespan and was a unique and vibrant RPG that was more story focused than other Mario games it also poked fun at the usual save the princess tropes that is in practically every Mario game.

8. The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask

majoras mask

Considered the black sheep of the Zelda franchise, Majora’s Mask is the darkest most twisted Zelda game with a focus on a more tragic event in which you have to stop the moon from crashing into the land of Termina Its less grand and epic than Ocarina of time with more horror elements. Putting on masks that fused to your face still creeps me out to this day.

9. Mario Party 3

mario part 3

A blast to play with your friends very much like a board game you’d had to collect 20 coins to then swap them for a star.  It requires both a degree of luck and skill.  The zany mini games were a highlight one involves you having to swim away from a giant fish  as well as the unique interactive boards

10. Donkey Kong 64


Very much like Super Mario 64 but with a longer play time with heaps of collectables. It was one of the few N64 games that was bundled with an expansion pack that really gave the N64 that extra muscle. It’s amazing now this game has the potential to appear on a console now only half of its size. Donkey Kong 64 is most fondly remembered for the DK rap at the start of the game which informs the players about the unique traits each playable Kong had.