The 10 best things about the arcades at Southend on Sea

Southend is a great place to be if you’re a gamer. Especially if you’re the old school kind who loves going to the seafront with pockets full of coinage to be guzzled away by all those fun and enticing amusements. It was once an integral part of gaming culture. Now it’s diminishing in generation iPhone, where instantaneous access to games is making the age old tradition of the arcades die out. Even the elements hamper business with the flooding that caused thousands of pounds worth of damage at Happidrome in 2013. Southend however very much keep this tradition alive despite the changes in trends. A plethora of entertainment awaits for those seeking a fun day out. It’s what the town is built upon, as a location for frivolity from the hard grind of city life that is under an hour away in London.

9 Retro Video Game Songs That will Never Leave Your Head.

Music is an integral part of the video game experience. It establishes the mood of the game you’re playing whether it’s jovial or epic, the melodies keep you motivated while playing.

Today video game music has the same amount of care and detail put into them as a film score. The London Philharmonic Orchestra brought a recent compilation of the best of the best together into one album. The soundtrack transformed the retro tunes into glorious compositions. Rolling Stone magazine, even named it “the weirdest hit album of 2011”.

In the early retro games the bleeps and bloops that accompanied the gameplay was all you had. It had a unique charm that became a staple of video games in the 80’s and early 90’s. However, there is sometimes a game where the music ingrains itself into your brain and stays there for the rest of your life. Here are just a few memorable tunes that are guaranteed to keep you humming as you go about your day.

Once you finished checking out this list, why not let us know some of your favourite retro video game soundtracks in the comments below.