Games that you won’t believe came out 10 years ago

2008 was a phenomenal year in gaming. The 360/Ps3/Wii era was in full swing and gaming innovation was at its peak here. Online gaming became prominent bringing together your squad every evening after school and most importantly when you bought the game you owned all of it. Nothing was locked behind a pay wall. Let’s take a look at the notable games of 2008.

1. Super Smash Bros Brawl

Nintendo’s frantic fighter was a game you could sink hours into especially with friends. The longer you played the more characters you could fight as. Including Sonic the Hedgehog which blew everyone’s minds seeing Nintendos rival mascot in a game crammed full of Nintendo characters.  Plus the amount of game modes provided the Brawl with a lot of staying power. Although the online Brawls were laggy as hell it was the next logical innovation in the series that truly expanded on this simple yet unique fighting game formula.


 2. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

The supposed final entry in the Metal Gear series is overflowing with Hideo Kojima’s crazy style. Very much a game for the devoted Metal Gear fan who can appreciate the throwbacks to replaying on Shadow Moses Island this time as an older more weary Solid Snake. Although MGS4 alienates newcomers to the series they can appreciate the cutscenes which still look stunning to this very day and the option to avoid the stealthy option and go in guns blazing.

Metal gearrr

3. Mario Kart Wii

Selling over 36.83 million copies Mario Kart Wii became the most popular Mario Kart game. It’s easy to understand why due to it being the first Mario Kart game to use motion controls. Every copy came with a plastic wheel but with a variety of controller options was also implemented making it easier for friends and family to play together. Other additions included the trick system which gave you a slight speed boost and also bikes which everyone picked.

Mario Kart


4. Grand Theft Auto 4

Although the controls are a little clunky by todays standards GTA4 will provide many gamers fond memories of exploring Liberty City as the eastern immigrant Nikko Bellic. Despite it’s setbacks in GTA4’s dated design and graphics the games biting satire of American culture remains on point. And who can forget cruising around rather dangerously with that stellar soundtrack pumping out.


5. Fallout 3

With it’s interesting setting of a post-apocalyptic Washington D.C and engaging story Fallout 3 was the first game in the series that garnered a lot of attention mostly due to the thrilling yet frightening gameplay of taking on Super Mutants and Ghouls. The main draw of the game though is its freedom in tackling the games missions thorough a variety of different sides and perspectives.


6. Little Big Planet

Bursting with creativity and a cuddly mascot for Sony Little Big Planet is a game that just gives you the tools and encourages its players to let their imaginations run wild and come together as a community. Who can forget those terrifying Shark survival levels. As a player it was always interesting to see what type of games the community of amateur game designers had in store.


7. Fable 2

A quintessentially British game threw and threw, Fable 2 provides a unique take on fantasy games with it’s star studded voice cast of British actors including Stephen Fry and Zoe Wanamaker. Fable really let you decide who you want your character to be by letting you express yourself to NPCs. In some ways Fable was very much like The Sims meets Elder Scrolls.


8. Gears of War 2

The sequel to the game that made 3rd person shooters popular provided more weapons and executions to really let yourself mutilate your enemies. The story was a lot more emotional too focusing on Dom’s need to find his wife. Although saying Gears of War blended together a more dramatic story with a sci-fi b-movie plot. Who can forget that mission when you have to kill a massive worm from the inside it’s belly.



9. Far cry 2

It’s now a very popular franchise however Far Cry 2 had very humble beginnings and was the first game to really provide an open world FPS. This game is unforgiving and brutal. If you get shot by a bullet you’d have to remove it yourself. If you pick up an enemies gun you’d have to check for rust otherwise it would jam if you try to reload. You’d also have to find drugs to help you with your malaria otherwise you’d feel disorientated. No game before or since has provided this sense of challenge or vulnerability.


10. Call of Duty: World at War

Despite everyone craving another modern day shooter that Call of Duty gave us a year prior in Modern Warfare, World at War was still a thrilling experience. The game provided a gritty unforgiving portrait of war, you could see limbs fly off after using the shotgun and the passion of witnessing the Russian forces during the fall of Berlin. This was also the first Call of Duty game to introduce Nazi zombies which originally started out as just a fun aracady game mode which you could only play after completing the game. Now Nazi zombies is the main selling point for Call of Duty.