Aspiring games developer? Then dive into Shark Infested Custard!

Located within the University of Essex’s college campus, Shark Infested Custard offers much needed support for budding games designers.  The company is founded by Industry Veteran Steven Huckle, who has worked on many games such as Sensible Soccer, X-Men 2: Wolverine’s Revenge and Need for Speed. Steven now lends his services for support and guidance for creative groups within the Games Hub. Its main aim is to create a greater presence in East Anglia for games developers, a location that lacks any notable game studios or companies. This is essentially what Shark Infested Custard is all about, providing ample opportunities for people with great game ideas buzzing around in there heads for a chance to have a career in the games industry.

For all those on the fence in pursuing a career in games development, having to work long and gruelling hours, Steven says, “I wouldn’t of been doing it for 25 years if it wasn’t really good fun.”

The six month course at the Games Hub equips games designers to not just craft games but also to take into consideration the business aspect to become multi-faceted individuals.

Steven believes this studio is very important for Essex, he says

“I think it’s vital. We used to have games companies round here but we haven’t anymore. It’s worth so much and it employs so many people and to see lots of students coming out of university and finishing their games design degree there are NO jobs for them so they’re always going to disappear off to London, Cambridge Oxford and Brighton or even all around the world. I think it’s absolutely vital the money it can bring into the region.”

This is perhaps the reason the project has the support from Essex University in supplying the office space at the Knowledge Gateway. Colchester Borough Council, Essex County Council and the Eastern Enterprise Hub also help fund the Games Hub. Notable success has already came from Teaboy games who are soon to be releasing their addictive, high score beating title, Fallen. A game that requires lighting fast reflexes. The game is currently looking for testers. Additional teams include Novo games with their endless runner Bobblemania, a game which has been promised to contain a full of surprises.


Teaboy Games have dubbed their game as the perfect time waster.

Steven also believes his project is a triumph, he added, “For the last run through we were learning all the way through. We had no idea if it would work out. We had the idea of teaching people how to make games and how to set up business but Teaboy games have gone way beyond I have imagined. The guys have been brilliant. “

It can also not be avoided the name Shark Infested Custard is just very kooky, when asked about how he came up with the name. Steven chuckled and said;

“Everyone asks me that. I was wracking my brain for months in trying to come up with a slightly childish name. I quite like childish jokes and I was sat on a train for some meeting in London and I thought I quite like that.”

Steven Huckle provides a helping hand to the teams at Shark Infested Custard.