Netflix transforming Legend of Zelda into live-action T.V series.

The streaming service, Netflix have announced that the popular Nintendo games series, The Legend of Zelda will be adapted into a live action T.V series.


Link In Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess for Nintendo Wii. Image Source: IGN

It is reported that Netflix will work closely with Nintendo in recreating the Zelda universe so fans can rest assured about any misrepresentation.

The series of games is the video game equivalent of Lord of the Rings consisting of a fantasy epic, traversing many mythical lands and explore vast dungeons to save Princess Zelda and retrieve the tri-force.

The original game came out in 1987, since then 16 iterations have been released. The most popular is Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time which received huge critical acclaim for the Nintendo 64 and is beloved by many gamers.

Speculation is already rife on who will play the protagonist Link with Zac Efron rumoured to play the hero of time.

Popular Gaming website IGN also want Thomas Brodie Sangster of Game of Thrones fame to don the long pointy green hat.

Could Thomas Brodie Sangster wield the Master Sword? Source: Maze Runner Wiki

The project is most likely in it’s very early stages. Nintendo and Netflix spokespersons have declined to comment on the matter.

The question on many Zelda fans minds, is will Link talk?


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