Breakthrough Gaming: Retro Game Base Interview

Retro Game Base is a store that sells the great classic games of yesteryear. Located in Streatham, it is one of the only shops solely dedicated to selling retro gaming in London. None of that Xbox Live marlarky here. Breakthrough Gaming got the chance to speak to Tom at Retro Game Base about the appeal of retro games and find out a little bit about this unique store.

Breakthrough Gaming: Astro City Interview

On Southchurch Road in Southend on Sea there is unique arcade called Astro City. It has plenty of arcade machines for any kind of gamer and boasts a wide variety of games. It won’t be much of stretch to say that Astro City is the best Arcade in Southend and even claims the title of “The home of modern music gaming in the U.K” with it’s impressive selection of rhythm games. What really makes Astro stand apart from the other arcades at the seafront is that it’s community driven. The Lock-Ins that take place every weekend make this evident. They consist of paying a small fee to gain unlimited access to not just the arcade machines but consoles as well. If arcades are going to prosper in the 21st century then they need to be have the fresh innovative outlook Astro City has. Breakthrough Gaming was lucky enough to talk to some of the guys that keep Astro going. You can also check out the full length extended interview here