10 Gaming Pet Peeves

Even some of the best games have niggles that can annoy the most devoted players. They’re not necessarily game breaking they just sort of sour your enjoyment a little. Though sometimes, a game might have a moment that is so unfair that’ll turn you off your fun play session and put your controller down.

1. Invisible Walls

Bethesda are deemed legendary to many gamers but they’re guilty of this nuisance plague of lazy game design. Invisible walls are less annoying in linear games however open world games that encourage exploration should never impede your progress.


2. Microtransactions

Gaming is increasingly becoming a more expensive hobby. You buy the game at the store for the price of £50 to £60 and the publishers have the cheek of not allowing you to have all the available content the game provides. Sometimes it’s just harmless cosmetic items, other times its day one story DLC or loot boxes that lets face it, its pretty much gambling.

3. Overpowered enemies

Challenging bad guys can be a good thing who wants to breeze through enemies like they’re nothing at all? But when you lose to enemies over and over and over again, you start to become a bit pissy. To add salt to the wound enemies that recover their health when you’re about to land that coup de gras are infuriating especially when you grind for hours to face them. Oh we’ll get to that later. Worse still is when you fight an enemy that kills you when they only have a tiny slither of health left. And wait I’m not finished, WORSE STILL is when enemies can kill you in one hit such as in Pokemon and Persona. There is no way you can see the move coming.

4. Backtracking

If done well backtracking can provide a fresh perspective of a previously played level allowing to discover new places and fight new enemies. The Metroid series done this perfectly, however developers sometimes use this as an excuse to be lazy by extending a games playtime with pointless plodding around places you’ve already been too.


5. Lack of Variety

Games that are unrelenting in what they are and refuse to deviate from anything else other than, for example to take  cover and shoot fall into this category. You can have too much of a good thing and do need to slow down a bit and do something a little more mundane. This is why I don’t  mind the walking and talking segments in games like Gears of War and The Last of Us. The same relates to Pokemon Go everyone lost their mind capturing Pokemon in the ‘real world’ but Pokemon Go lacked very little variety so everyone stopped playing eventually.

6. Game Delays

They’re increasingly common these days due to the intricate nature of game design but game delays can’t help but give you a tinge of annoyance. Most recently Crackdown 3 and Red Dead Redemption 2 are the 2 big games that have been delayed. This is probably the most understandable entry on this list. It’s important for a game to release the best it possibly can be. When a release date is announced for a game it’s important to take it with a pinch of salt.

7. Lack of Splitscreen

The steady decline of split screen gaming over the years is lamentable. It’s the best feature a game could provide. Gone are the days where you can meet up with your friends and play video games instead you have to pay a subscription fee and play online and deal with lag and entry number 8 on this list. There is so much more connection between two friends playing split screen than playing online. The Halo series provided the most memorable split screen gaming experience imaginable but completely disbanded it in Halo 5. Kids in their teens today will never experience the enjoyment of gaming with your buddies sitting around you.


8. Kids shouting down the mic

No one likes annoying, homophobic, sexist, vulgar 12 year olds shouting down the mic at you. The disconnet games provide allows them to say these things without any real consequences. Luckily you can report them and mute them and let them carry on their sad, pathetic hate spewing childhoods without you as their audience.

9. Grinding

A common trope in RPG’s that can be avoided only if you want to increase the difficulty of a game tenfold. Grinding involves purposefully seeking random encounters just so your character can level up and get those sweet, sweet experience points.  Grinding really detriments the story when it slows down your progression to that menacing final boss for fighting weak pathetic enemies.

10. Game Breaking Bugs

Yes, sometimes they can look really funny until they break your game and you have to start all over again.

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